Heavy Duty 'Instahut' Poly Tarps

Tired of having the bottom of your tent always wet with every camping trip?

Does the rain rot your firewood?

Do you need some reliable cover for your vehicle or craft?

Or maybe just a little shade for yourself.

Look no further than these 'Instahut' Poly Tarps!

Made of high-density 135gsm polyethylene (PE) with a double-coated protection, these tarps are durable, waterproof, anti-fade, UV-resistant, high heat and deep cold tolerant and designed with reinforced edges and corners. Better still, they come with reinforced eyelets spaced out at 0.9m intervals to ensure secured tie-downs without any hassles.

Come wind, rain, hail or shine, these tarps know no boundaries in getting the work done to your satisfaction.