Caravan Cover Size - How to Measure Correctly

Instructions on how to measure Caravan length when deciding on cover size.


At Caravan Cover Shop, our primary concern is ensuring you get the best cover to match your needs.


And cover SIZE is the most important aspect of all.


IMPORTANT! It is not enough to rely on manufacturer's size specifications, whether these are displayed online or in your Owner's Manual.


How these measurements are advertised varies widely between manufacturers, with some referring to internal dimensions and others using external. Some manufacturers even refer to the full travel length including drawbar.


Aside from these issues there is also the fact that online specifications do not take into account an owner's individual setup, i.e. sometimes there are front or rear-mounted accessories fitted (i.e. storage boxes / bike racks / spare wheels etc) and there is no gap available for a cover to slide between, thereby preventing a cover from being fitted to the main body panelling only. In such cases we need to know the full length measurement including such accessory areas.




Before committing to a purchase, we strongly recommend that you manually measure the metric Length / Width / Height of your vehicle to ensure you are ordering the correct size.


Where possible, length measurements should be taken along the base of your vehicle between the longest points excluding the drawbar / gas bottles / storage box / stoneguard at the front, and also excluding any bike racks / spare wheels at the rear (refer to image above).


If however there is not a sufficient gap for a cover to slide between your front panel and any accessory areas (i.e. storage compartment etc), or between your rear panel and any rear accessory areas (i.e. spare wheel etc), then please include these in with your overall length measurement.


When measuring width, simply measure between the side panels across the rear face, excluding the side awning.


When measuring height, simply measure the side wall height, (the 'drop measurement' between your roof-line and the base of the main body). Exclude any ground clearance measurement as the covers are designed to be secured underneath the vehicle body and will not fall to ground. Also, be sure to exclude any rooftop accessories (i.e. A/C units etc) as the cover fabric will bend over these without affecting the overall fit.


Each cover size listed on this site displays the various imperial sizes available for that brand (i.e. 20'-22') along with each size's respective metric dimensions (Length x Width x Height) to assist you in making sure you choose the best size possible.


TIP: always allow for an additional 10cm by adding this to your overall length measurement and choose the closest cover size above this. This will ensure an easier fitting and removal process, and will guarantee your cover is not too short or tight-fitting. A cover that is too tight will make it difficult to use the side access panel zippers, which may then fail during installation.


If in any doubt, please contact us using our Online Contact Form or Click to Call us on 1300 044965 for assistance. 




We do not recommended covering drawbars / storage boxes / gas bottles / stoneguards at the front, or spare wheels / bike racks at the rear, however we understand that this might be your preference, or that you might have no option available.


If covering such accessory areas is required, we recommend placing additional padding over any sharp / protruding / pressure areas. 'Pool noodles' are perfect for this purpose; they are inexpensive, readily available and can be easily cut to size and taped down over any areas you feel will benefit.


Doing this this will add a further layer of protection over any areas at risk of unwanted wear and tear when there is movement of the cover in windy conditions.


Please keep in mind your decision to cover any additional accessory areas does mean these need to be included in with your overall length measurement to ensure you select the best cover size.


Lastly, if you are covering your storage box at the front, rather than connecting the male and female side-release buckles in the middle across the front cover panel, try connecting them to the buckles on the shorter straps that are stitched to the hem on both sides toward the front. Doing so may provide a better overall fit across this front panel area.




Covers for Caravans and Pop Tops on this site have been designed to fit the modern 'angled' front panel profile. This means that the cover's roof length is generally around 40cm-60cm shorter than the bottom length (depending on the brand), to account for that angled front panel.


If you own an older / vintage Caravan or Pop Top that does not confirm to the angled front panel profile of modern vehicles please complete our Online Contact Form or Click to Call us on 1300 044965 to discuss your options




If in any doubt or if you have any questions at all, simply complete our Online Contact Form or Click to Call us on 1300 044965 and we will gladly assist.