Cover Quality - UV exposure on Polyester -vs- Polypropylene

Here is a great article which explains the difference between Polyester and Polypropylene when considering UV exposure.


This might be important information for you as a Customer when considering which cover to purchase from this site.


Caravan Cover Shop advertises various brand-name products which are constructed using 'Polypropylene' material, and also some products which use 'Oxford Polyester'.


Brand name products on this site made using Polypropylene include:


- Prestige

- Camec

- Weisshorn


Polypropylene covers typically offer multiple layers, sometimes three but occasionally four, which are reported to offer additional protection.


Special Note: In the case of the ADCO brand, these covers are constructed using a mix of materials, i.e. 4-ply Polypropylene for the side walls, and quality DuPont™ Tyvek® material for the Roof and also the front panel.


Brand name products that use Polyester include:

- Aussie - 600D Oxford Polyester (entire cover)

- Riese - 300D Oxford Polyester (entire cover)

- Camec  - 300D Oxford Polyester (roof section only)


As suggested in the above-mentioned article, it is also the opinion of Caravan Cover Shop that Oxford Polyester is a more suitable and heavier duty fabric for use as a cover when considering Australia's diverse and often harsh climate.


Oxford Polyester is typically used in the making of high quality boat covers and shade sails, and of course in quality Caravan covers.


The covers on this site which offer Oxford Polyester construction have been treated for UV exposure, and also polyurethane-treated to ensure they are highly water-resistant.


Oxford Polyester is a 'breathable' fabric, offering resistance to the build-up of mould and mildew. It is also a 'rip-stop' fabric which is highly resistant to tearing.