Frequently Asked Questions

Selection & Fitting

The cover you choose will depend on a number of factors

- do you plan to use your cover for an extended period of time?
- will your cover be placed in direct sunlight, or part / full shade?
- will your cover be subjected to strong wind conditions?

Every vehicle has different storage needs and faces different environments, so it's important to discuss your needs ahead of making a decision on what to buy.

If your vehicle is lucky enough to be stored in a garage when not in use you may consider using a lighter grade of cover.

If your vehicle will be out in the elements, in full sun, rain and wind, then a heavier duty cover is for you.

You might also want a certain Warranty length. At Caravan Cover Shop we offer brands with Warranties from 1YR to 3YR.

But What's most important?

You need the correct SIZE.

Size selection is the most important aspect when choosing a cover. Your cover needs to fit securely to prevent it flapping about in windy conditions.

This can be challenging and might take some time and research to ensure you purchase a cover that fits securely.

Not all vehicles are created equal; they come in varying lengths, widths and heights, and some covers might need to pass over accessories like storage compartments, gas bottles, spare wheels or bike racks if there is no gap for the cover to slide between to cover just the paneling.

Aside from this, different manufacturers advertise their specifications in different ways, i.e.

- external body length excluding drawbar (recommended);

- external body length including drawbar;

- internal body length;

- a mix of metric and imperial measurements is also seen.

Because there is no standard way in which specifications are advertised, we need your external metric body length excluding drawbar so we can recommend a cover size.

This information is not always available online, so we might ask you to take a manual measurement.

So let's now look at how best to measure, and what to take into account.

As we just mentioned in the previous section, a manual metric measurement is needed to ensure Caravan Cover Shop quotes you on the best possible size to meet your individual requirements.

Let's look at how to do this:

Step 1(a) - Measuring the Length (no accessories)

Your cover should ideally lie flat against the paneling where possible.

- Work from longest point to longest point along the bottom length;

- Allow an additional 10cm (minimum) to ensure the cover is not too tight, (this will also ensure you have an easier fitting experience).

Step 1(b) - Measuring the Length (with accessories)

If there are no gaps between your paneling and any accessories you have fitted, i.e. storage compartments / gas bottles / spare wheels / bike racks etc, then your length measurement will need to take these accessories into account.

- Follow the step above and measure the main body length measurement;

- Measure the additional length required by each of your accessories;

- Add these measurements together and then allow an additional 10cm (minimum) to ensure the cover is not too tight.

IMPORTANT: When covering anything sharp / protruding, it is worth placing additional padding between the cover and these sections to guard against rubbing / abrasion caused by movement in wind.

Step 2 - Measuring Width

Your metric width measurement need only be taken from panel to panel. The cover's width is standardised and should cover side awnings.

Step 3 - Measuring Height

Take a metric measurement from base of vehicle to roof-line only. Do not measure from ground, and do not include your A/C unit.

Generally, most Caravan / Pop Top / Motorhome covers are fitted in much the same way.

Caravan Cover Shop does supply a number of different brands however, and there are some minor differences in the way these are fitted and secured.

As a general rule of thumb the following instructions will assist you with fitting your cover correctly.

Ideally, you will need two people to fit your cover. A small step-ladder may assist.

(N.B. it is recommended to wash your vehicle before fitting, and make sure your cover is not fitted while the vehicle is still wet. Make sure all aerials and protruding objects are fully retracted).

- lay the cover out at the back (driver's side if possible) of your vehicle;
- the word 'FRONT' or a manufacturer's logo will indicate direction;
- stretch the cover to its full length;
- with the cover fully stretched, find and unzip all zips and open the cover;
- lift the unzipped side panels over the top of the Caravan;

- one person should now stand at each end;
- check for possible obstruction caused by A/C units, antennas etc;

- when both people are ready, carefully pull the cover from driver's side across to the passenger's side;

- carefully pull down the sides and ends;

- if your cover has an elastic hem, fit this to the front and rear of your Caravan;

- close all zippers;

- pass the nylon straps under your Caravan and fasten buckles to hold Caravan cover firmly in place.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now fitted your Caravan cover!

If there is only one person available, please watch this short video which may assist:

Video - Fitting Your Caravan Cover.

Ordering & Shipping

Simple! You have 3 options available:

Order Online:

First, choose the correct cover type, brand and size, ensuring you have measured correctly beforehand (call to discuss if unsure!)

By clicking on each size option, you will notice the price shown above will update.

Add the Item to the cart using the orange 'Add To Cart' button, and complete the online ordering process.

You have the option of using a Credit / Debit card, Paypal, online Bank Deposit, Afterpay (Buy Now - Pay Later!), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.

If there are any questions at all throughout this process, please feel free to call us to discuss on 1300 044965.

Order by Phone:

Even though the online purchase process is extremely secure and easy to follow, sometimes you might prefer talking to somebody and ask a few questions prior to finalising your order.

Caravan Cover Shop has assisted many customers by taking orders over the phone using a credit / debit card.

We will happily discuss your specific needs with you to ensure you select the right cover before you commit to a purchase.

Order by Email:

If you want to place your order via email, you have two options. You can:

- use our handy Contact Us form to send us a message, or;
- send an email directly to:

Please include as much information as possible, including the type of vehicle you are covering, the metric L x W x H dimensions, your contact details (including phone number) and any other information you feel is relevant.

We will then be in touch to discuss and take your payment details. 

At this time, we are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. This condition has been set by the various freight operators that our cover Suppliers use.

If you feel that your street address is too difficult or remote to ship to, please consider offering a physical work address or the address of a trusted family member / friend.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss, and we will do our best to assist. 

You can expect an immediate confirmation email at the time your payment is captured.

A further email is sent containing shipment tracking details once your order is ready to ship. 

As soon as your order has been assigned a tracking number and we have this information available, you can expect an email letting you know these details.

This email will include both the tracking number and a website link you can use to track the item's progress online at any time.

Caravan Cover Shop uses the Aftership application for all deliveries, meaning you can expect to be regularly notified by either email / SMS (or both) each time there is progress with your delivery.

This saves you having to track the item yourself. 

Once we receive your order we submit your details through to the relevant cover Supplier that same day.

Your order is then processed and is generally ready for shipment as early as the following business day, but generally no later than two business days following the purchase date.

Please note that occasionally we may place your order with the Supplier and then be advised that the item is on back-order. If this happens we will contact you immediately to discuss, and you will be offered a full refund if you are unable to wait until replacement stock is available.

Please allow between 5 and 14 business days for delivery. Delays may occur when freight companies experience heavy parcel volumes.

If you feel your delivery is taking longer than expected, please refer to the tracking details that were provided. Alternatively, you may contact us using the Contact Us form or call us on 1300 044965 and we will gladly assist.

Depending on your location, the Courier services used include, but are not limited to:

- Sendle

- Australia Post

- Couriers Please

- Aramex (formerly Fastway).

Note: it is standard practice for freight operators to use a 3rd party service to get your package to you. Please note in such cases the tracking information may no longer be available once the package is passed on the the 3rd party. 

Although it rarely happens, it is possible for items to go missing in transit.

In cases where your cover has not been delivered inside the suggested delivery window (this information is shown on the tracking site), Caravan Cover Shop will assist by lodging an investigation with the freight operator.

Please note an investigation does take time, as the freight operator needs to search all relevant depots, and interview the relevant delivery drivers. Therefore, Caravan Cover Shop needs to allow this process to conclude before contacting you to advise the outcome.

This process should not take longer than 5 business days, however this may take longer in certain circumstances. We promise to keep you updated with all information and any progress that is made.

In most cases the investigation will result in the cover being located and subsequently delivered.

In cases where the cover is deemed 'Missing in Transit', Caravan Cover Shop will contact the cover Supplier to advise, and help facilitate a replacement cover to be sent out.

Warranty, Cancellations & Returns

Yes, your cover comes with Warranty from the individual cover manufacturer.

Please check the enclosed manufacturer's Warranty / Limited Warranty information, or alternatively you may (where possible) visit the manufacturer's website for their specific Warranty terms. If in doubt, contact us to request assistance.

In cases where a Warranty Claim needs to be made, please note Caravan Cover Shop is not responsible for assessing claims or making claims decisions, as this is the responsibility of the cover manufacturer.

Caravan Cover Shop will assist in facilitating a Warranty claim by passing along communications between Customer and manufacturer as required.

You will be asked to provide clear, close-up photographs as evidence to support your claim. These can be emailed to:

Once a claim has been assessed by the cover manufacturer and agreed to, the Customer will be offered the choice of having the cover repaired or replaced, depending on the specifics of the claim.

The manufacturer will take into consideration the age of the cover, the cause of the damage, and whether the correct application has been applied.

Claim outcomes include:

- having the cover repaired / patched;
- replacement cover sent (where stock is available) or;
- replacement cover of a different brand sent (where the original cover brand is not in stock), or;
- a partial or full refund for the original cost of the cover.

Please note, in cases where a refund is offered, the cover needs to be repacked in original packaging and returned to manufacturer (a return shipping label will be supplied). A refund will be processed once it has been received by the manufacturer.

Normal wear and tear, damage caused by misuse or improper application, storm / wind / UV / and accidental damage are not covered under Warranty. 

Cancellation of an order may only be made within 24 business hours of the order being made.

Orders can not be cancelled after 24 business hours of being made, as the order and shipment details are with our cover Supplier and we cannot guarantee the cover won't be shipped.

Returns can only be accepted in situations where:

- the cover is delivered in a damaged condition, or;
- due to Supplier / Warehouse error (i.e. if an incorrect size is shipped).

Returns can not be accepted where a Customer has:

- had a change of mind, or;

- chosen an incorrect size without having first correctly measured their vehicle and/or had prior consultation and advice with Caravan Cover Shop.

If Caravan Cover Shop has recommended a particular size (either over the phone or in writing) and it does not fit, then we will accept full responsibility and payment for arranging a return.

We will then process a full refund of the purchase price within 24 hours of the matter being discussed and this course of action being agreed upon.

In such cases, please call 1300 044965 to discuss or use our Contact Us Form.

Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) upon arrival, and if you notice any damage please make note of it when signing for delivery.

In cases where the item was authorised to be left without a signature (ATL), please inspect the package as soon as you can once you have it in your possession.

If your item(s) arrives damaged, please take clear photos of any affected areas and send to:

We will then contact the cover Supplier on your behalf and facilitate a replacement cover to be sent. 


We accept the following payment methods:

- Credit/Debit Cards (Visa / Mastercard)
- Paypal
- Bank deposit
- Afterpay (Buy Now - Pay Later)

- ZipPay (Own It Now, Pay Later)
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay
- Shop Pay 

Yes, we use only the most trusted payment platforms i.e. Paypal / Stripe which adhere to strict PCI Compliance regulations, so you can rest assured your personal details are safe. 

Caravan Cover Shop employs the very latest 'Secure Socket Layer' (SSL) technology to ensure your personal information remains secure.

We do not and will never share any personal information with third parties. 

"CARAVANCOVERSHOP" is the credit card statement identifier for our e-commerce store 


Caravan Cover Shop only carries brands that we are an Authorised Online Retailer for. This means you are entitled to the FULL manufacturer's Warranty.

Our office is located in Newcastle NSW, however our products ship directly from our cover Supplier's own warehousing facilities.

Our Supplier warehouses are based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. 

Caravan Cover Shop is a licensed business in New South Wales which means GST is already included in the product pricing.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions we have not answered here.

You can use our Contact Us form, or call us directly on 1300 044965.