Covers for 'Hybrid' / 'Off-Road' vehicles

Do you own a 'Hybrid' or 'Off-Road' Caravan, Pop Top or Camper Trailer?

This emerging style of vehicle has gained popularity over recent years, and now more than ever these are looking to be the next best thing for families wanting to get off the main road and go bush to explore the inner reaches of our great country.

The only problem is there are no ready-made covers on the market to suit the different shape of this type of vehicle.

- Hybrid vehicles can be slightly wider than standard, with widths close to 2500mm, with other vehicles offering widths as narrow as 2000mm. This makes it a challenge to find covers to fit these widths.

- Hybrid Caravans are taller than a standard Caravan, with heights around 2400mm compared with 2200mm for most makes / models. This makes it a challenge to find covers that fit this height. 

- Hybrid Camper Trailers can be considerably taller than a standard Camper Trailer (but not as tall as a Caravan) making it a challenge to find covers to fit the height.

There is no easy fix, so if YOU own a Hybrid / Off-Road vehicle you need to talk with us at Caravan Cover Shop before making your purchase. 

NotePlease know that each manufacturer displays differing specifications online;

- some refer to the full travel length including drawbar (not body length);

- some measure the height from ground to the top of the A/C unit rather than measuring from the base of the vehicle.

This makes it difficult for us to assist you without you taking a manual (metric) measurement, so please ensure you have your Length / Width / Height dimensions available.

If there is a gap between your front panel and your storage compartment, or a gap between your rear panel and the spare wheel, then ideally the cover will fit panel to panel and these are the measurements we will need.

If there are no gaps then please assist by measuring the full length including storage box / stone-guard / spare wheel (whichever applies).

So please get in touch, either by phone on 1300 044965 or by using our Contact Form - we just might be able to help!