Covers for 'Hybrid' Caravans


Do you own a 'Hybrid' caravan, or are waiting on delivery of your new Hybrid?

This emerging style of vehicle has exploded in popularity in recent years, and now more than ever these are fast becoming the best option for families wanting to get off the main road and go bush to explore the inner reaches of our great country.

We receive enquiries every day from customers who are looking to protect their new hybrid caravan from the elements. Demand for hybrid covers is looking to outpace demand for standard caravan covers.

The challenge you might be facing when searching for a cover for this new and exciting breed of recreational vehicle is that until now there have been no ready-made covers on the market to suit the dimensions of Hybrid vehicles.

For instance:

- Hybrid caravans typically come with heights similar to that of a standard Pop Top Caravan (i.e. 1750-1800mm), but they also come with narrower widths;

- Hybrid caravan widths do vary quite widely with some as narrow as 2000mm (or even slightly less) and others as wide as 2300mm. These differences have been challenging to overcome when selecting a cover that will fit securely to your Hybrid's body paneling so it doesn't flap about in the wind.


If YOU own a Hybrid vehicle and you are in need of quality protection for your pride and joy, you will be excited to learn that Caravan Cover Shop now have a range of hybrid-specific caravan covers, and these are the first and ONLY hybrid covers available in the Australian market.

We are proud to have partnered with Aussie Covers as our supplier for this exciting project, as this brand offers unbeatable fabric quality with its 600D Oxford Polyester.

There are 4 sizes to select from with dimensions as follows:

10'-12' - Length 3810mm x Width 2300mm x Height 1750mm

12'-14' - Length 4420mm x Width 2300mm x Height 1750mm

14'-16' - Length 5030mm x Width 2300mm x Height 1750mm

16'-18' Length 5640mm x Width 2300mm x Height 1750mm

These above dimensions ensure we are able to assist the vast majority of Hybrid vehicle owners.

Important Note: We recommend covering the body only where possible, so when selecting the best cover size it is important to check if there is a gap between the body paneling and any accessories you may have fitted, i.e. storage box at the front or spare wheels at the rear. Use the length dimensions above to determine which will be the best size to cover the body only.

If there are no gaps for a cover to slide between and your accessories need covering, please include these in when measuring your hybrid's length dimension. Please allow at least 100mm extra clearance to ensure the cover is not too tight when fitting.

If a cover is being fitted over anything sharp / protruding (like the edges of a storage box) please consider placing additional soft material over these areas to help prevent unwanted wear and tear to the cover. 'Pool noodles' are an ideal option to soften any such areas; they are inexpensive and can be easily cut to size and taped down where needed.

Please note the Aussie Hybrid Caravan Covers are in stock and are ready to be shipped NOW.

If you are interested in learning more about this new breed of cover there are several options available:

- visit

- phone us on 1300 044965

- use our Contact Form. If using the Contact Form please provide your name, email and best contact number, along with what make / model of Hybrid you are looking to cover.

If you have any questions please contact us to discuss your needs and we will do what we can to assist.