Hose Bag - Large

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Hose Bag - Large 

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These Large Hose Bags will assist with the coiling of up to 20 metres of Drainage Hose or 10 metres only of Drainage Hose 40mm or more in Diameter.

The Hose Bag is made from a sturdy mesh fabric comprised of 70% polyethylene and 30% polyester. It is stitched with rot-proof thread and is mould resistant and UV stablilised, offering durability. It is light and flexible, allowing ultimate ease of use for those planning a retirement caravan or motorhome holiday. 
The side wall and front permits any residual water remaining in the hose to drain out whilst coiling the hose, and at the same time allows the user to see how much space remains in the bag. The Hose Bag can then be stowed away neatly in the same storage space every time. It will maintain the same size and shape as it was when last stowed.
The Hose Bag is ideal for stowing up to 20 metres of the stiffer type of potable water hose. The hose does not have to be a continuous length and all hose fittings can be left on the hose.
Coiling your Hose
To coil your hose into the Hose Bag, start with a loose hold at the opening of the Hose Bag between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. Take about 12" of hose in the right hand and push into the bag. 
Allow the bag to turn and the hose to enter the bag and then support the Hose Bag with the thumb of the same hand pushing the hose. Re-grip the thumb and forefinger near the inserted hose and repeat! 
If you are left handed all you have to do is switch hands!

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