Caravan Cover Size - How to Choose Correctly

Instructions on how to measure Caravan length when deciding on cover size.


Before purchasing, we do recommend that you manually measure the metric length of the Caravan body to ensure you are ordering the correct size. It would be a shame to order the wrong size and not be able to return it.

Each cover size listed on this site displays metric dimensions (Length X Width X Height) to assist you in making sure you choose the best size.

When deciding on the best size, please ensure there is a gap of around 10cm-15cm between the advertised cover length and your metric length measurement. This will not only ensure your cover fits, but it will make the fitting process easier.

If in doubt however, simply call on 1300 044965 or Contact Us using our Online Contact Form and we will gladly assist.

When trying to cover anything fitted to the rear, such as a bike rack or spare wheel, please account for this additional length in your measurement. Please note that all covers are designed to accommodate rooftop accessories, i.e. A/C unit.